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Author bliss

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Hi there, I am Bliss. I love to read and write; in fact those two hobbies of mine take up a good percentage of my time. I love reading humor, suspense, mystery, murder mystery, erotica, horror, dark humor, twisted, gory, or just the plain silly.

The fan fiction I enjoy writing is normally centered around AtS (mainly Spike and Fred) and BtVS (mainly Spike), though my muse seems to prefer Angel. I also love the Southern Vampire Mysteries (Mainly the books-I wasn't too fond of how HBO's True Blood turned out. I am also working on a AtS/SVM crossover.), Anita Blake novels, Stephanie Plumb novels, The Boondock Saints (which I am also currently working on a crossover with Spike-and what's shocking is my muse is actually pulling it together) I do like other Vampire series, except I find Twilight on the silly side. (Sorry Twilight fans, I just can't get into it.) I don't write a lot of Slash, however, I will read it with an open mind. I am beginning to dabble in the erotica, which seems harder than I thought. Turns out, my muse is pretty randy and seems to get completely carried away; I find myself reeling her in most of the time. Anyway, that's about it. If you have any questions, comments, (personal ones are the best!! I love a challenge. *wicked grin*) feel free to email me.
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