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Author DearestDrusilla

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I live in The City (San Francisco, Ca) and I go to AAU. I'm working on my BFA in Fashion design and I grew up with a large family even though I was an only child. It was my cousins and grandfather who inducted me into the world of nerd at the age of three with the old X-Men cartoon from the 90's as well as reading comics to me because I couldn't. My mom and dad also read the Hobbit to me while I was yet unborn, along with my mother playing hours of Tetris at the same time.

I owe my organization skills to that.

I like making Dawn into Portunas, so most of the time that will figure into my works. I also like Dawn for the sheer unexplored potential she has to her character. Likewise, I like Richard from Anita Blake and all those other Boy-scout, white knight types.

Things to look forward to!
A cross over between Castlevania and Buffy, in which Dawn cuts herself shaving -she's so clumsy- and falls into the lap of one Mathias! - i don't know what i'm going to call it, so suggestions are welcome. I also don't know when i'm posting it because midpoint review is coming up and that decides when/if a graduate.
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