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Author VampireCow

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VampireCow is an amateur author of fanfiction, with absolutely no wishes or expectations to go into the professional writing scene. Having devoured just about everything worth a darn in and TtH, as a well as few lesser traveled archives, VampireCow decided to try writing her own. Because there just aren't enough crossovers. VampireCow excels at crossovers, possibly because her muse is constantly flipping between fandoms like a cat on a hot stove top. However, she almost always comes back to Supernatural, Buffy, and Thor.

(There was a brief Naruto phase, but then weirder shit started happening and eyeful body horror and we don't talk about Naruto anymore.)

She has a horrible habit of not completing her more novel-length fics, usually when they're just a chapter from the end. She is working on this, as well as her frankly ridiculous backlog of WIPs. She has an even worse habit of planning out epic-length stories, doing the ground work, and then never tying all the plot threads up at the end. Usually because of aformentioned inability to finish a fic.

VampireCow can be found on both Fanfiction and Ao3 under the pen name PurpleMoon3. She also has a few stories archived on Pomme de Sang, also under PurpleMoon3.
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