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Author BritneyandJacob

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I'm a big Btvs fan. I like reading fanfics with Buffy, Faith, Dawn and Willow in them. These are my favorite characters from BTVS. I also am a big Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter fan.

Stories In Progress
Undercover Spy For The Admiralty ( Faith: The Undercover Spy Series.) ( In Progress)
Traveling Through Time (Faith gets sent back into time series. ) ( In Progress)
Faith: The Life Of A Female Sailor ( In Progress)
Being Faith ( Coming Soon)
Being Buffy ( Coming Soon)
Being Dawn ( Coming Soon)
Faith Lehane: The Private Diaries ( Coming Soon)
Carrie The Vampire Slayer ( Coming Soon)
Britney The Vampire Slayer ( Coming Soon)
Faith: The Vampire Slayer ( Coming Soon)
Love on Galactica ( Coming Soon)
(Summary: The PTB sends Faith to Galactica with the powers to detect cylons. She will help Galactica defect the cylons and to also help them find Earth. Faith/Lee Pairing)

Upcoming Series/Stories
Faith In The Navy Series ( Faith gets tired of killing vampires and monsters and starts to put her fighting to good use when she joins in the navy as a midshipman.)
Faith: The Life Of A Female Soldier Series
Faith: The Life Of A Female Sailor Series
Faith and Sam: The True Story
School Ghost( BTVS/Supernatural) Summary: When Faith hears about a ghost haunting her old high school Truman High School, she packs up her bags and heads to Fairfax, Indiana to figure out who's haunting the school. While Faith is working the case, she runs into her best friend Sam Winchester who's also working the case with his older brother Dean Winchester. ( Coming Soon)
A Slayer and A Wizard Series: Jane MacDonald finds out before her fifth year at Hogwarts that she has been call as a slayer and is destine to aide Harry Potter against his fight for Voldemort.

Favorite Pairings:
1. Faith/Harry(Harry Potter)
2. Faith/Lee(BSG)
3. Faith/Sam (Supernatural)
4. Faith/Sam (BSG)
5. Faith/Archie(HH)
6. Faith/Tony(TSP)
7. Faith/Frodo(LOTR)
8. Buffy/Neville (BTVS/HP)
Joined19 Oct 10
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