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I have no intention of writing any stories, but I love reading them. I like Xander-centered fics, Xander-and-Willow friendship fics, and Scoobies friendship fics. I often find BtVS stories boring if they don't have enough Xander in them. I'm not a fan of M-rated scenes though so I usually skip them or even stop reading if they're the point of the story.

I dislike when people review stories in order to say that the author's portrayal of the characters is completely wrong. It's one thing if it's constructive criticism, but often the author just has a different viewpoint of the characters than that reader does. If you disagree with how characters are being written in a story, please just stop reading and find another story more to your liking. There's a wide range of stories out there, and it's completely impossible to convince every author to write the characters the way you see them.
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