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Hey everyone, okaaay, the three stories I had up I've taken down because people have problems with my spellings... I've got those three on haitus, one Bioshock/BTVS/Star Gate/Highlander/AB crossover and loads of other little idea for stories that have never got off the ground. Then theres three that I'm trying to get the ideas together for. However I am trying to concentrate on 'The Long Walk' at the moment.

A D&D/BTVS/ATS/Highlander Crossover

A BTVS/Highlander/AB Crossover - continuation of the previous story, but tells you what happens to the guys after they win, also we find out where Xander went in the 1st chapter of the first story.

and A BTVS/HP/Artemis Fowl/Bioshock Crossover.

These three aren't really started yet, I'm just trying to organise and collate all the ideas into useable stories.

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