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Who: Artist, Writer, Creative type.
What: Hopeful. Affirming. Likes nifty gadgets, reading.
Where: See Internet.
Alignment: Creative Good.

-----General Note About Stories-----

1. If a story is "not finished," it is not finished, but nor is it dead. Asking me if I'm going to finish a story causes me mental anguish and I tend to get recalcitrant about things. PLEASE do not ask me. Because all it does is cause me to doubt myself, which means that I'll hesitate, which means the story gets jammed. That said, I intend to finish all my stories when I start them. Some get finished faster than others.

2. I won't spoil my stories in reviews. So asking me a spoiler question will only result in me saying I'm not going to answer that. In fact, you risk me not answering at all, which make me feel rude, which causes me a bit of mental grief because I try not to be rude. However, asking me a spoiler question is also kind of rude, so please don't do that.

3. If I put something in the Author notes, and a reviewer mentions I should do "X," and some variation or form of that "X" has been noted in the Author notes, then I may also choose not to reply to your review. I'll try to take it as a compliment, but really, you should have read the notes.

I'm sure there's more, but that's it for now....

-----End General Notes-----

----- Word Choice Assistance -----

Choose is different than chose, though they are closely related.

I chose to go forth and take the greater journey.
You choose to sit and watch the television.

Loose and lose are also different, but not quite so related.

I don't want to lose you, unless you want to be set loose.

Steak and stake are two completely different things.

I love steak, especially when it's juicy.

You should've staked that vampire while you had the chance.

Sparing and Sparring are two different things.

Sparing is when you save someone from something.

Sparring is when you mock-fight.

Ravaging and Ravishing are two different things

Ravaging is about causing severe damage. He went on a rampage and ravaged the neighborhood. (This word should not be used in regards to sex. It implies that the person was damaged greatly...)

Ravishing is how someone looks. She looks ravishing and now I want to date her.

However, to ravish has two possible meanings: 1. It can mean to provide an abundance of pleasure. (He ravished her until she wept with joy). OR it can mean forcing someone to have sex either by threat or violence. (She held him at gun point and ravished him.)

If you want to imply that sex was awesome, you can use ravish in the first way, as long as you explain it was awesome. :)

----- End Word Choice Assistance -----

----- Opinion Space -----

On the Use of "It's Canon" as an excuse.

1. The point of fan fiction is to change things around. If you don't change things around simply because you want to stay in completely in canon, I'm not entirely sure I'll continue reading your fiction.
2. If you, as an author, are arguing that your characterization is "in canon," it likely isn't. It's an interpretation of canon, sometimes and extrapolation of canon, but canon behavior is strictly what happened within the context of the show or its sequels. Not all extrapolations are equal and if you're justifying your version of canon to "bash" a character, then you're still very far from what is actually canon and right into something utterly different; possibly even OOC (For those who don't know, OOC is out of character).
3. Fanon and Canon are different things. Fanon is a semi-common extrapolation of canon that is seen often enough to sometimes justify tropes. Fanon is fun to play with, but writing an author to say that their use of "x" is wrong because "y," is pointless in the face of it.
4. All fan fiction is Alternate Universe, but some are more alternate than others. Thus, take the warning of AU seriously. The author is telling you that they plan on diverging from canon (and possibly fanon) by a possibly great degree. If you write an author to tell them that their character or situation is far from the original, then you're telling them something they already know and probably warned you about in the disclaimers.

Which brings me to:

The Importance of Disclaimers

Some authors will only disclaim the basics, but when an author lists out very specific details about what will be within a story, they are doing so for a reason. Most likely that reason is they are trying to avoid surprises for the reader and hedge against the resulting reviews and emails about how divergent or displeasing "x" is from the reader's expectations. Reading the disclaimers is an "audience," responsibility and a useful practice for those trying to avoid particular reading experiences.

Re-interpretation of the above: We all like to dive in to stories, but if you dive in without paying attention to signs, don't be surprised by the giant rocks at the bottom of the reading lake.

----- End Opinion Space -----

I figure, if I post it here, I won't get into anyone's hair about it in a review, as stuff like the above only really bothers me sometimes.
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