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Author Semet

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Gender: Male
Age: Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Work is work as long as I'm not killing myself doing it ^^.

I've been writing fan fiction for a while now, but I've been reading it longer than that. I'll admit to being a little biased in some areas (As in I already know what I like and don't like, but am willing to experience new things once in a while.) such as unless it is extremely well written I have no taste for either slash or angst. The biggest problem with those things in my eyes is that they are one, overdone, and two, usually exaggerated or blown way out of proportion. When it comes to favorite cross overs I am a really big fan of BTVS/Hellsing/Highlander/ etc. etc.

I'll be the first to admit that I enjoy writing Xander above all the other character even if I like most of them in their own ways (I may write on another character someday, should I feel the urge, but I make no promises.). It's just that, to me at least, he had the most untapped potential as a character and this is crossover fanfiction (Oh the things that can be done ^^!). Some of the best kind in my opinion. As a rule I'll try to stick to what's could loosely be construed as 'believable' but if you want out and out realism go to another author because it's unlikely you'll find it here. I figure that this is for fun and as long as your not outright trying to be offensive then even if I don't like your work you won't get crap from me. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my stories =^.^=!
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