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Author vMures

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I am a slow writer, unfortunately. I try to make up for that with quality, but even I get frustrated with my lack of speed when it comes to updates. I'm never sure how much time I will have to write, but I will do my best. So please be patient and I promise that I have no plans of abandoning my stories. Thank you for your patience.

Since I'm sure some folks would appreciate a bit of an explanation regarding my glacial writing issues. I recently discovered that I have late stage Lyme disease/Chronic Lyme disease (lyme that was not treating in its initial stages and has caused all kinds of havok with my body; for more info on Lyme- By the doctors best guesses and my medical history I've probably been sick for about 20 years, which explains so much. One of the issues with Lyme in the later stages is chronic heavy fatigue and cognitive difficulties. This diagnosis came right as I finished my first year of law school. So I've been balacing treatment and school which leave little room for my own fic writing.

Please keep hope, as I fully intend to finish Road Not Taken. Reviews and encouragement have helped tremendously in keeping this going. Thank you all so much for that.

-V. Mures
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