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Author GeminiLove

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I started writing when I was ten years old. I'd like to think I've improved since then. My writing time and energy goes in cycles - when I'm on a high, I don't want to do anything else. Currently, I'm doing beta/co-author work for my sister while I wait for my muse to come back from the Caribbean.

Thanks to whomever nominated me for a COA award for Prodigal Girl. While I never expected to win, it was great to see that nomination.

Also thanks to everyone who's new to my little 'Verse (and even some long-time readers!) who have been coming by to ask about updates.

I have NOT forgotten about Prodigal Girl. I promise. However, I'm right in the middle of:

~Getting my car repaired from a recent accident (I'm not hurt, just my baby is...)
~Trying to help my grandmother (who's 500 miles away, EACH WAY) get her house repaired and cleaned
~So that in a month or so, I can move in and take over the house so, I'm packing, etc.
~Looking for a new job (that 500 mile commute every weekend is a killer!)
~Working 40 hours a week at the job I already have.
~Dealing with two tween-age boys who are fighting me and each other on a continual basis.

Plus, a whole lifetime subscription of personal issues (including the uncerimonious dumping by my boyfriend of seven years...)

So, if you hear me say Real Life is kicking my ass.... Dude! For real....
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