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American 33yo male fanfiction fanatic. Been reading FF since 1999 and have read everything in the xanderzone archive. Xander Harris is my idol and I love reading super-Xander stories like BMR, Forever White Knight, and Xander-Hog Day to name a few. I don't care how dark or sex-laden a story is, if the writing is done well and the dialog seems true to the characters, I'll give it a shot no matter how out there the idea or content is. Not really into explicit male on male stuff but there are very talented authors out there that do.
If it's good, I say read it. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and enjoy it.

I've tried my hand at writing a few x-overs but I keep running into the common problem of making my main character too powerful, unstoppable etc... which always stalls my story to death.

Some authors believe using contractions to be 'lazy'.
I can't stand reading dialog without it. In real life, people talk using many contractions during a conversation. (we're, you've, can't, must've, wouldn't, o'clock, ma'am, etc).
If Engrish is all you can write, get an English native to help you out or stick to your native language, (please).

I believe fan fiction is one of the greatest things mankind has ever invented.
You read a book or watch a movie and don't like how it ended? Change it, or find someone to do it for you!

The internet was invented by GOD but is managed by Lucifer.
You've been warned... maybe too late.
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