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First story is now posted. It's going like wildfire or hotcakes or something like that.

Thank you for reading.

I respond to *all* reviews.

I should point out that I like making people think and challenging expectations. Therefore, in my stories anyone can die and anyone can live. Even the bad guys if they are good/lucky enough. Main characters get slightly more leeway, but they can die too.

Also, I strive for realism in whatever story I write. Realistic physics, injuries, etc. The two regular exceptions are training and healing time; simply to keep the plot moving.

Things about Buffy I theorized/ Misconceptions I would like to point out:
My biggest pet peeve:
--The Halloween spell changed people's appearances. If you went as yourself but different (i.e. Private Harris), then you still looked like you. But if you went as someone else, (JoJo the dogfaced boy or PRETTY MUCH ANY YAHF) then you look like the character you went as. Willow will not recognize you. MAYBE she'll recognize the outfit Xander is wearing, but not the face. Please, for the love of Janus, stop perpetuating this trope!

-The council is not super rich. (at least not before the comics) And no, just because they're old, doesn't automatically make them wealthy.
-Xander didn't always wear Hawaiian shirts. In high school, he mostly wore flannel.
-Xander is a lover of all snack foods, not just Twinkies.
-Ampata didn't 'Sacrifice herself' to save Xander. She tried to suck him dry and Buffy tore her off him, leaving her arms behind in the process.
-Faith never called Xander, 'X'.
-Spears are superior to stakes 99% of the time.
-There is no mystical reason that Slayers can't kill humans or will go crazy if they do. Nothing beyond the normal human revulsion at killing your own kind.
-Angel's counseling "help" probably did more harm to Faith than Wesley's bumbling. Telling her that she got off on it and had a taste for it and how bad she was. She wasn't those things until after Angel told her she was. Without Angel telling her how bad she was, she never would have gone to the Mayor and killed in cold blood.
-Angel's Curse only lifted when both Angel and Angelus were happy. A moment of *True* happiness, like the gypsy said. Because you can't tell me that Angelus didn't get off on banging the Slayer.
-Faith was trying to choke Xander out, not kill him. Killing him would have actually been easier given Slayer strength.
-Xander didn't get bomb making skills from Army-guy or Jack O'Toole. Willow and Oz were the ones that researched 'making a volcano' and bought the supplies.
-Buffy dissed Faith right away when she showed up at the dinner with her mom - a big no-no in the world/class Faith comes from. In a voice loud enough for normal humans to hear from one room away, much less a Slayer. After that, Faith got defensive. Once Post betrayed her, she refused to trust anyone in the gang and the break was all but inevitable. She was just waiting for the others to betray her too.

P.S. -- Oversharing - When the Scoobies meet someone new and immediately share their life stories with them - Tends to bug me.
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