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MAY 02, 2011

On Sunday, May 1, 2011, we kicked off our FIRST SIDS Charity Fundraiser Auction! You can access my graphics offer thread by clicking on the image below:


Please come and help participate! No family should ever have to experience this tragedy!

Misc Personal Information:

Hmmm... well, I've updated my fics on, but not my profile. I guess that just shows that I have my priorities in the correct place, no? However, as there are actually some people who would like to know more about an author that they read (I would be one of those people, by the way...), I will be more than happy to provide you the following information:

I am 35 years old. Some would say that this rather old for someone to be writing fanfiction. I say that it just shows that while older, I am still able to access and utilize my youthful imagination! If you feel otherwise, please don't suck the helium from my balloon.

I am a network engineer by day, a fanfiction author and graphic artist by night.

I am married, for almost 11 years now, to a wonderful man that I fantasize about beating over the head with a baseball bat at least once a day. ;-) Actually, he is very supportive of both my career and my hobbies. He has even helped me develop plot outlines and provided a great deal of information for some of my scenes that I have created.

I have three children that alterante between providing me some of the greatest joys in my life and making me want to curl up in a corner and suck my thumb. I'm partially convinced that they are trying to see how long it will take before I crack... Sometimes, I think that it won't take too much longer.

Public Information Updates

I currently run and/or own the following artistic outlet communities:
* sccxovers
* terminatorfic
* nameless layouts
* The Rooftops
* Write X-Overs For Art
* The Rooftops LJ

Where I Hang Out

These are the sites where I live, using them to vent and rant:
* My LiveJournal
* My Fiction Archive (still updating)
* My Artwork Archive
* My DreamWidth

Fiction Updates

The following stories have been updated/published as of Jan 13, 2011.
* Blood of Fate: Chapter 4 (Updated 11/30/2011)
* Time Changes Everything: Ten Minutes (Updated 08/2010)
* Maybe I'm A Lie
* A Sense of Inevitability
Joined15 Jan 04
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