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Hey guys, I am unfortunatly (IMO) a extremely heavy reader. I bounce about from this site to Fanfiction n ficwad. Starting to go off Fanfiction now days since the last crackdown took some good stories away under some questionable circumstances.

Generally read Hp, Hellsing, Buffy, Serenity, Ramna, Xmen... damn, now that I think, I read all up a couple of dozen types of stories n types. I will read pretty much anytype of story that reads well, has an acceptable number of grammatical errors and doesn't have a character which knows everything "just because". All up I follow about 100 or so fics here so far (some are finished) n atleast about 4000 fics on fanfiction (probably about 3/4 of them are finished or no longer being worked on or deleted due to the crack down) and who know how many on ficwad.

I struggle with reading stories that have a choppy flow (when the story really starts n stops n jumps about if that makes sense.) or slash(male) (No problems reading female slas....., sorry drifted off then). No offence meant but I refuse to read slash. Nothing against it, just personal preferance.

Not planning to start writing myself for a long time yet but enjoy having a look n poke at other peoples playgrounds.
Any questions, feel free to contact me, no guarantee that I will respond though!
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