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Author buffalo

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I am an artist who is a major fan of all stories.
the tales i love include Buffy, Angel, Highlander, all Stargate shows including Universe, Charmed (to an extent),Xena, Roswell, Smallville, Dark Angel, X-Files, Andromeda, Firefly, Star Trek, Birds of Prey, Babylon 5, NCIS, CSI (never Miami not even Ben Browder could bring that show around), Farscape, Doctor Who, Trochwood, Primeval, Ultraviolet, All of the Underworld movies, Star Wars, All of Bruce Campbell's work especially Army of Darkness, Boondock Saints (really anything with an Irishman sticking it to the man), Alien and AVP, Ghosts of Mars, Wheel of time, and so many others I cant think of at the moment,
Joined8 Oct 11
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