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Author IamAbotticelli

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I joined 'Twisting the Hellmouth' because I am a fan with a healthy level of interest in the Buffy-verse and I think that the Buffy fandom has more opportunities than most other fandoms for crossovers which are a genre of fanfiction that I enjoy immensely.

Yes my name is very narcissistic. The only reason I chose it was because I had a hissy fit with the name checker when I first joined Fanfiction. Every single name I chose had already been assigned to somebody which really just indicates my level of originality back then. Anyway, in the end in a fit of anger I typed my current name in, betting on the fact that nobody else would have the level of narcissism required to pick such a name. I was correct.

I am active on Fanfiction and Fictionpress, though I have practically nothing on the latter account. I usually cross post but there are some stories on Fanfiction that I haven't cross posted.
Joined15 Oct 11
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