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I'm a part time masters student in my first year. While I'm definitely a languages student, I do love literature and reading (in as many languages as I can manage!) I'm not very good at updates, having a rather busy and tiring offline life, not to mention all that notorious partying students are supposed to be getting up to and the ever-looming thesis. Despite this, I do love curling up in my room with a good book (or a naughty fanfic).

Buffy was easily my first fandom love, but as times move on (and after the end of the series!) I've expanded my horizons. And I hope I can continue. Fanfic is fun and versatile - and that's why I like it!

Oh, and on the Buffy/Angel front - I've not read the comics, and don't intend to. So pretty much any fics that go past S7/S5 respectively will most definitely be AU.
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