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Author HappyWonKinobi

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Before I get to myself, I will say that if you want to see a particular fic, then ask me and I might be able to get it written for you. I'm not gonna guarantee anything, ever, except that if you ask and I say I'll try, then I will give the fic an honest effort and actually try to write it before I give up or decide to not bother. But, if it's strictly PWP or something similar, then don't bother asking me to write it.

Also, I have a DeviantArt profile that you can find here. It doesn't have much at the moment, but I may add things that won't show up here on tth, just like with my profile on Fanfiction that you can find here.

I am a guy who prides himself on writing good stories well, and realistically. I have aspirations of being a good writer, and the stuff I have written so far has some friends enjoying them. A quick word about myself, I have simple needs, and all I wish is for people to read my stuff and tell me what they think. The most I can hope for is a few good reviews and that people will like the stuff, but while I very muchly appreciate good reviews, I will (unlike most people) take flames and outright critisisms without a single good thing to say about me with good grace. I actually ^can^ take rejection well, and simply hope that people will notice my stuff and say nice things. Though, flames that look like "This is stoopid." and that's it are not appreciated because it doesn't say why or how to make it better.

Also, I tend to work on several stories at once, so if I don't update often, just chalk it up to me either reading or writing a different story. I do both of those a lot.
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