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Hi, I am 28 years old. Currently living in Germany, but I'm not German :)
A huge fan of Buffy's, Harry Potter's, Battlestar Galactica, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, The Hour, and Merlin's, especially of the characters Giles, Snape (but I wouldn't reject Lucius either) and Uther :)))

I've been reading fan fiction stories for quite some time now, mostly Harry Potter at first, now I've decided to "contribute" myself, also using it to improve my English, so please, feel free to send me reviews and correct my grammar, expressions, whatever needs improvement.

I am writing one story at the moment, which I originally intended as a Harry Potter fanfic with an OC, but after discovering Buffy during the summer two years ago I wondered, why not connect the plot and the story and set it within the Buffy-verse, and - here it is :)

I am glad for any reviews, critics, anything that would tell me, someone read my story and had a few thoughts about it. Mostly I wanted to create a convincing OC, that would be well imaginable, probable and even "relatable-to". I guess I'm not good with plots, as I'm rather more interested in people and in what's going on in them (even though I'm aware that the plots and the figures can't be really separated from each other). Even when reading a book or watching a movie, I'm trying to imagine and understand how the persons tick - so it can be that the plots might suffer a bit or step more into the background and the "working" of the characters, their inner turmoils and their thinking and feeling be more in the front - at least that's what I attempt. Whether the result reflects that is completely another question :)

I love classical music - which you might or might not have guessed from my stories - 19th century mostly (Beethoven, Berlioz, Fauré, Schubert, Mahler and lots more, absolutely no Wagner though), but I'd also listen to baroque if the mood is right, and Satie - the dearest. In the last years I've been discovering some "modern" bands too, especially to Buffy I owe my devotion to Four Star Mary :)

In terms of literature I was stuck in the 19th century too for a long time, but it's getting better ;) Last thing I read was actually quite recent - Pascal Mercier's Nachtzug nach Lissabon, and (without having seen the movie) it turned out to be the best piece of literature I read in a long time, also I got quite intrigued by Julian Barnes' Sense of an Ending; and - three years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd ever read anything like it - couple of months ago Craig Ferguson's Between the Bridge and the River fell into my hands - simply hilarious, extremely funny, vulgar at times, but an awesome book :)

As probably many writers on this sites I too am actually supposed to be working on something completely different, which I cannot get quite warm with, therefore seeking happiness and distraction only too willingly in other occupations. I play flute, a bit of clarinet, taught myself the piano in the last four years and learning the guitar right now (my dream is to conquer oboe and viola one day :)

I love series, and movies, and history - late Middle Ages and Early Modern period are just too obscure and too bizarre to pass on them.

Oh, and since four years I've been painting - oil on canvas, lately watercolors even, and it's really fun, relaxing, sort of inner catharsis too, makes you forget everything else in the world, but the colors on your palette, and though it sounds awfully cheesy it's true - I've been seeing the world with different eyes since then :)
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