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Hi everyone.

I'm a blank from blank who writes fanfiction in some of my free time. At the moment, my main project is a series of crossovers between Stargate and BTVS, but I also write a variety of other stories.

As anyone who has glanced through my stories can attest, my favourite character in BTVS is Dawn, followed closely by Buffy. At the same time, I cannot really think of a character in BTVS who I dislike, so just about anyone can and will show up in my stories. I make an effort to respond to all my reviewers as promptly as possible, although real life sometimes trips me up there. I am also always delighted to receive detailed, constructive criticism for my writing (and will quite happily change my story if I feel that a reviewer has made a point which I had not adequately considered), although I can be a bit long-winded in response if I disagree.
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