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Mostly, I spend my free time wandering Theme Parks, and looking for Fireworks. The rest is wasted reading crossovers off the Internet, watching TV or Movies, and occasionally writing stories of my own.

I live in a forest (Arrowhead Woods, San Bernardino National Forrest) but work in Orange County, so I only get to spend about every other weekend at home, the rest of the time I am not there. Which is sad, because while I hate snow, one of my favorite things in the world is to sit out on my deck under the eves, and watch/hear/smell a spring or summer rainstorm. That is the most peaceful thing I know of. But I am usually down in Orange County when it rains, and not at home. I console myself by going to Disneyland. I go there a lot.

I also go there because the closest thing I have to a hobby is Theme Parks. I love them, and Disney has built some of the best. I feel fortunate to be so close to both Disneyland, Knotts, and the actual Universal Studios. Even Sea World isn't that far away from me. If I am in a Coaster mood, which I am every few years, Magic Mountain has some of the most awesome coasters I am willing to ride, and a few I am too scared to try.

I go to Orlando each October for my Vacation, to catch the Halloween stuff there.

Other than that, I don't do much. I suppose I am a creature of habit.

If you email me, be sure to include a title of one of my stories in the subject line, otherwise I might miss your message amongst the SPAM. I answer all my email I see. (So if I don't answer you, change the subject and try again, I like hearing from people.)
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