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To be a better writer, stop using the word "had." It will immediately improve your writing. "We had agreed..." Isn't necessary, and it doesn't sound right. "We agreed...." conveys the same meaning. That we agreed to something past tense without adding another useless and wrongly applied word. I do it too, but I'm trying to cut out all the useless words that get thrown in.

My ramble about fan fiction. I know some of this has been done before, but I think that is part of the point of fan fiction. Classical Greek drama and epic poetry, and etc. are the first in a long line of fan fiction that exemplifies this. Taking other people’s characters, stories, and making them new for an audience is as old as some of the oldest stories we have in the western tradition. Odysseus is not precisely the same character in The Odyssey as he is in Sophocles drama Philoctetes. Medea is not the same character in Euripides version as she is in Apollonius, Ovid, or Seneca’s descriptions of her. I personally like Euripides Medea and recommend it if you haven’t read it. The list goes on and on. Today it’s called fan fiction but it’s been around for thousands of years. As the author of these rambles I call stories, I’m going to write pretty much whatever crazy, silly thing the muse sings. And, I’ll probably borrow whatever I want to do it, without stealing outright from you guys, while retaining what my mind thinks of as something like Canon, but it won’t be canon precisely as you know it. A friend of mine who is much more familiar with fan fiction has informed me that some people like a warning about that, so as far as Buffy and co. I’m writing them to the best of my novice abilities, but they will probably be off canon when compared to the original writers and the veteran writers of fan fiction. Some elements of these stories may be recognizable, but I won’t steal anything except the characters from the books or films I’m working with, or if I do, let me know, because I’ve read a lot of fan fiction and it’s all a huge jumble in my brain. I think most of what I’ve written is pretty self-explanatory for anyone that reads fan fiction, but I thought maybe you’d want to know my take on it, and why some of the characters are out of character. That’s how I write, in case you wanted to know.
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