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Author AdriennePierson

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Hey, I am currently a college student in NC. My favorite shows/characters are AtS(Wes and Spike), BtVS (Giles and Spike), Highlander(Methos), LotR(Legolas and Aragorn), PotC (Will Turner) and Star Wars(movie, Obi-Wan; books, Corran Horn and Jag Fel). I have got about 5 stories I am working on, from 4 different fandoms(Star Wars, BtVS/AtS, HP, and a BtVS/AtS/Highlander crossover. Though because I am a college student (mainly a music major with a drill sergeant as an instructor) I can only write irregularly as stress relief. I will try to post at least one chapter of each every week, but if it seems the stories are moving slowly once I start posting do not worry I will finish them eventually :)
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