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Hello wonderful readers, this is Zoanzon! Yes, before you ask, this is the same Zoanzon that is on The reason for my creating this account is twofold: 1.) I can get more people to see my stories, and 2.) With the recent purges going on in FF.Net, my...liking of the site has decreased. This, along with the fact that I fear for my work, has made it so that if they eventually put me in front of a firing squad, or their actions annoy me too bad, my readers can still find me.

Now, I'm going to say this now; don't expect consistent updates. My life, combined with how my brain works, makes it so that trying to write on a timely/predictive path will fail horribly. Therefore, don't think I've left the site; I am just in another slump. If you wanna try and get me out of it, send me messages/reviews about my work. It's not for story ransoms; seeing that people like my work encourages me.

Well, enough of that. See you all soon!

EDIT: Holy crud. Two times in a row, my work didn't load. I'm going to try and re-post it sometime over the weekend; trying to re-format Microsoft Word work, or cut-and-paste work at midnight is NOT a fun activity with school looming the next day. Lets see if I can get it to work the thrid time around... [11-21-13]
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