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I have written things in the past, but so far am simply enabling an account so that I can do reviews, when I feel the need. May put some things up, but haven't decided.

Edit: Actually, I've decided.. I'm going to start putting things up... I've been reading stories here for like ever, and it's starting to feel like I'm making a whore out of the authors, since I'm take take taking and not giving anything back in return.. Sort of like a reach-ar... um... nevermind.. kiddies might be seeing this profile, so I'll let it drop right there..

Anywho.. at the start, you'll likely see a bunch of min-fics, or scenes, as I gather the various things which have accumlated on my different computers throughout the house, and as I find them, the longer things will be posted.. Also, not all will be crossovers, and not all of them will -remain- non-crossed-over (ie: something else will likely make it into the story, from another 'verse) but I'm the type to let the story tell me how to write it, and not so much me forcing the story to go somewhere... sorta like "zen writing" I guess...

But anywho... am off to post some things now.. will see how it goes.. and yes, you may see things as ficlets or scenes now, but when or if they get expanded into full stories, I'll remove the mini-version so the maxi version takes precedence.. so if for some odd reason, you're favoriting a story of mine, you may wanna bookmark my profile.. that way, if I ditch the mini-fic because it's now a "real boy" you won't lose the story and be unable to find it...

EDIT2: Okay... I'm actually taking the leap and publishing... got my first story that I'm newly working on, and already it's caught crap... and from an author I like, too... so... if things go well, I'll probably keep going.... but, if I end up taking a bunch of flack, and it's not constructive, then I'll likely yank the story before it's done, and do what I've always done: write for myself, and nobody ever sees it... and, I'll just continue to read what's here and just assume it's useless for me to contribute.... I had been feeling good about the idea of finally "giving back", but if people I like consider me a person they hate, then there's little point in putting myself through the anguish... so.... guess we'll find out what happens, won't we....

EDIT3: okay... I'm back to being a reader again. I tried putting a story out, and the anguish that came out of doing so was just too much, and I had an effort, for fun, turned into a challenge as to why I even bothered... if any new authors are reading this comment, advice for you... when publishing your story, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT'S FINE, use the checkmark for "Seeking Beta Readers", because I suspect that if you do that, then maybe, just MAYBE, if a moderator gives a review, they'll be less harsh against you, since hopefully they'll have it click in their head that you're seeking beta help as well, and maybe won't assume that you just suck as a writer, and therefore it's their job to tell you that.... or, might not matter, but at least you'll have more of a leg to stand on...
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