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I like Buffy to stand up for herself, and not take crap from anyone. So, that is the way I like to write her. The way she had started to become toward the end of Season 7, and Joss allowed to peak out every once in a while.

I'm not a Cordelia fan. I take it back, I'm not a St. Cordy fan. I loved the snarky Queen C from BtVS, and even her in the first 2 seasons of Angel. The entire seer storyline leading to her becoming some higher power, and her and Angel as soul mates about gagged me, and I can't even comment on the Conner plot line. *shudder*.

Angel's character after Season 3 no longer held my interest, with the exception of the Angelus storyline. I am and always will be an Angelus girl.

As for the Scoobies, my stories see them in different lights, depending on when I wrote them and how pissed off I was when I wrote them. I waffle back and forth on the way I feel about the way they treated Buffy.
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