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Whosoever holds this Hamm - No wait, that's not right.

Hang on a minute...


I am but a humble (Not really!) Brit from Liverpool, England. (Where Samuel L Jackson filmed 51st State!).
I am an avid fan of Btvs & Ats as well as other sci - fi shows like Star Trek (All Series) Dr Who - Both old and new and other classic series like V - (Jane Badler was a Hottie!) and Buck Rogers - (Pamela Hensley; one word: Damn!) I like the bad girls; sue me.

I like DBZ & GT (Only for the SS4 transformation though.) and other Anime like YuYu Hakusho, Trigun, Inuyasha and various others been trying to watch Baki the Grappler and Toriko - they look good.

I Like to read comics like DC's New 52 and Marvel; Sometimes change can be a good thing like Superman for instance; digging the new look and universe DC have rebooted. Change however can be bad. Superior Spider - Man? Nuff said! I also used to read Spawn ya know, back when it was good and Al was still the Main character and Angela was a great character - Bless you Neil Gaiman, Sir! Invincible is a good read for me as well.

I am a Gamer.

I welcome those who like to have a good read of stories that peak their interest, I'm the same and I welcome anyone and everyone to read mine. I welcome all reviews and I am open to criticism and new ideas, it's how we improve after all.

Respect people! It is not just the name of a song by Aretha Franklin!
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