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Author trinfaneb

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I wrote some mainstream fiction and poetry in and shortly after college. Didn't really start my Buffy and Angel obsession until Dec. 2003, but it and some of the fine authors at this site inspired me to try my hand. Completed "The Eternally Cursed," my first big story, and I'm working on "Alien Apocalypse" a huge Buffy crossover with the John Ringo "Legacy of the Alldenata" Posleen books. It will also feature crossovers with tv shows ranging from Stargate, Six Feet Under, Oz, and Homicide to movies like Kill Bill and American Splendor. I got busy with other stuff and lost my muse for almost three years, but I'm writing again. Hopefully new chapters of "Alien Apocalyspe" will be ready soon.
Joined27 Apr 04
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