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[Update, 11/10/2013] Just relocated back to Seattle area permanently. Technical Editor and Writer.

I now am the proud owner of a site for my fan fictions from and also here at TtH.

40-ish, F, likes BtVS/AtS (of course!), Doctor WHO (5, 7, 9, 10 and 11 so far and looking forward to 12), Batman and DCU pre New 52; Marvel CU and Marvel Agents of SHIELD, X-men, HP, LotR, FK, Wrinkle in Time sequence, the Dark is Rising sequence, the Paksenarrion set by Elizabeth Moon, NCIS, NCIS-LA, CSI:New York, Law and Order - Criminal Intent [pre S8 Loyalty, post S8 Goren and Eames], Law and Order - Special Victims Unit and a HOST of others. Recent addictions are Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer [Just started watching]. I have now written some Buffy and Angel crossover fic.

Due to losing the roof over my head, my job and moving from Seattle (wanted to be there) to East Texas (never wanted to come back here to live - EVER again, but am back due to family emergencies) and then to OK - and now recently back to Seattle, I've been having Muse issues, but she's reviving (very slowly) from her coma...

I have one drabblish story set in the MCU/Agents of SHIELD world to update here, and a new story set in THOR - the Dark World time in the works. (11-10-2013 update)


RL status alert:

I was recently all but full-time caretaking my grandmother. Thanks to RL issues, my free time is [still] sporadic and short at best... I am also job hunting for something that pays more, like way too many other people in the US and planetwide right now... My writing is still on hiatus while I get my life together again. I will resume writing again regularly - just not quite yet.


I have a LiveJournal but it is f-locked. Ask me and I will likely add you in.

Feel free to email, but please don't spam or flame. I REALLY don't like flamers and spammers, and doing either to me turns me from Bruce Banner to Hulk-like really quick. Trust me - just don't go there.
Joined27 May 04
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