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Author Zakhynsia

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hi :)
i'm 24, married, and proud mother of an almost-2 year old! i am a fanfic junkie and love to read and play video games. slash fiction is so awesome-i love most all pairings for btvs,
angel, harry potter, anita blake, ncis, x-men, merlin, more, and crossovers in between.

So, about me...I have decided to get back into writing. I know I'm not that good, but I like to sometimes. So, *nyah*. Two car accidents, quitting college, working part-time(while my husband doesn't) life has gotten interesting. Also, I had a baby girl-Alicia-December 8th!!! Couldn't pay rent so we're now living with my sister-in-law and her five(soon to be six) kids. Writing will most definitely be hit and miss for a long time-especially for whole chapters.

And my advice to you is to follow the 3 R's: Read, Review, and Relax.
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