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Author Kei

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Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by. I'm known as Kei (pronounced 'K' because I am entirely unoriginal in my screen names). I've been writing fanfiction since 2000 or so, in a variety of fandoms (you can read some old Labyrinth fanfiction at FF.Net- I've been hooked on writing Buffy crossover fanfiction since I began to wait, rather impatiently, for Tassos to update Bridges back in 2004. Hence, Trick or Treat began.

I love the community here at TtH. Real life keeps me absurdly busy and sometimes unable to face a computer in my "free" time, so I sporadically disappear from posting (we shall not talk of my 2-3 year sabbatical). But I read every single review I get sent and visit the site often. You all are some of the best readers in the world. It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I recognize an old name of someone who has been reviewing for years or see someone new enjoy my work.

I'm coming off some serious professional burn out right now, but I hope to be visibly around more. 2014 is my ten years anniversary on this site, and my fourteen year anniversary writing fanfiction so I have declared it the year of writing!

~ 2/7/14
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