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As of now i am putting all these story's on Hiatus.. All Oasis_Fire Stories will be divided up and hopefully written on our own. AriChanda's stories are under her pen name and mine are under the pen name Trenee on this sight and Aewnaur everywhere else. Thank You and I'm sorry for the bad news.

This is where Shadith/AriChanda and Aewnaur's co-productions are going to call home.

Message from Aewnaur:
Warning: We Write SLASH Please Be Aware Up Front. That Fact Will Not Change. We do occasionally write het but only as a back drop for the SLASH. We like SLASH. We like the looks of SLASH. We like the reading of SLASH. We like the writing of SLASH. It's freaking fanfiction people if you want canon go buy an offical Buffy book. We love reviews. We respond to reviews sometimes. However usually we do not let the reviews change our story and never when it comes to asking for something to be changed from SLASH to het.
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