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Author FaithUnbreakable

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The Basics:

For fun, games, updates, more stories, meta and useless rants, try this.

I have been podficced! For some awesome reading go here. And don't forget to comment for the reader, or I'll come after you.

Story Notes:

- The next story in the Road to Morning series is finally starting to go somewhere.
- Some You Lose is probably never going to end.
- Shades of Forever has been permanently deleted from this page and any other.
- Meeting Eliza Turner will probably never be finished, since I flat out forgot what I was going to do next. I'm considering taking it down permanently.
- Other than that, I'm mostly writing non-crossovers at the moments, to be found on my lj, linked above.

Note to other Authors:

My native language is German. If anyone needs anything translated into/from German for a story, I'll gladly help. Just mail me.
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