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I love fan fiction with a passion. All fiction is, in my mind, connected. Stories come from the human imagination, the spring of plots deep within the human psyche. Because of this I always look for how stories can connect and lead into one another. Most good writers have a few general themes running through all of their personal myths, which makes all stories easy to connect, if you can just see the themes. IE - One of Joss' themes is strong women and all the harsh circumstances life can throw at them. His worlds, of course, combine well with all his other worlds, but also with worlds (and ideas) with similar themes. Which is why Buffy makes such good crossover fodder, the show is packed with powerful ideas and themes.

Any-who, since I tend to naturally look for connections between stories, crossovers are quite a passion. Some shows, movies, and books lend themselves well to crossovers. Like Buffy, Stargate, Highlander, Sandman, Firefly, Anita Blake books, Jasper Fforde's books, etc. etc. Other tales require a little more work from the audience, but are quite worth the effort in the hands of a good storyteller. Like, for instance, when I got out of I, Robot (the Will Smith movie) I saw how, with just a few fill in years of story, that world could easily become the world of the Matrix. Check the Animatrix - robots even kinda look the same.

That is one reason why I love to issue challenges. If I can get someone else to see the connections between these fictional worlds, it makes me feel more sane. :) So feel free to look through my challenges and let your mind wonder.
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