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Author Lucinda

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Just because I write a particular character does not mean that I think they're a good person - some are very firmly villains (and can be fun to write) while there are others who are of greater moral and ethical flexibility in various projects (outright evil in this one, just bad in that one, the better option in the one over there, a sort of good character in the one over there...)

From time to time I try smaller projects to try to expand my writing, to try something new or different. This may mean playing with a different character, pairing, or fandom. Sometimes, I am pleased with how these fic experiments turn out (which may lead to other projects with that character/pairing/fandom), and other times have convinced me that perhaps I should not write this character or that pairing again. Ever.

There are also certain characters and/or pairings that I simply do not like or don't feel that I can write. If you can't look at my writing and figure out which characters or pairings I dislike, then I won't tell you. I don't have a single character that I focus on writing (anymore). I do not have a One True Pairing, or even a 'the Right One for _______'. I'm more likely to consider if a certain type would be good or bad for them, and play with variations on that, perhaps different types in different stories.

I like crossover pairings, and I like to try different combinations - some work out better than others. I delight in trying a pairing that I haven't seen before just to see how it works - some work well, some are the sort of train-wreck that makes you cringe and stare.

I constantly have too many Works in Progress - these include a growing number of original works.

Original fiction now available through Amazon Kindle!
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