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Author IntoOblivion

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Do not expect much from me. Alongside my procrastinating student ways, I work full time. I will disappoint you and disappear with astonishing regularity. Life has this habit of removing me from my keyboard. I am also incapable of updating two stories in tandem, so will always focus on one over the other when posting.

Do not expect nothing from me. I am firmly committed to completing my posted stories (this is the reason I haven't started posting anything new in years). I just don't have a timescale.

My Stories:
Choosing - Currently on hold
Key to the Past - Currently on hold I hope to resume posting at the beginning of June after my uni exams are over (although I will still have some summer courses on until July).
Extra stuff about this fanfic can be found by following This Link although this website is very out of date.

If anyone would like to comment on my stories but doesn't have an account here, you could use the anonymous review option at you can follow This Link to my account there.
Joined27 Nov 04
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