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I'm a college student, attending veterinarian school. When I am not in class and not doing my homework I am either on the computer (reading or writing fics), reading novels or at work. I enjoy working with animals as well, and used to volunteer at an animal shelter. My favorite BtVS characters are Willow, Spike, Illyria and Dawn. My favorite HP characters are Hermione, Snape, Remus, Sirius and Tonks.

I tend to write one shots, but usually, if there is enough interest in a one shot I might expand it. Also any fics I have that allow additions, mean exactly that. If you want to add a part to a story I allow additions on, feel free too. If for some reason there is a one shot or story or an idea (such as Creature Chews) that inspires you and you want to use it as a basis for your own story or expand upon it, feel free to, no need to ask permission, just give me credit. A review to the story in question with a link to your story would be delightful though

If you want to archive my stories, elsewhere, feel free to, no need to ask permission.

November 26, 2012: I've pretty much stopped writing due to real life, as such all my incomplete stories have been put up for adoption
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