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Author hollywoude

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I love reading fanfiction and already spend to much time doing it! The writing bug has now officially bit me both for fanfiction and original work. Had a lot written out when my computer crashed and what I did have done went bye bye. Yes, I backed it up on a floppy disk that said disk error when I went to load what I had of my stories so far! Ahhhhhhh! So... I've had to start again, slow process, especially since I was so in love with what I had before. Enough of that.

Let's see love Btvs and Ats crossed over with just about anything but my favorites are Stargate, LOTR, HP, and A LoT more that is too numerous to list. My favorite characters from btvs are Willow and Anya.... From Ats Cordelia all the way. Other fiction I love is sarkney from Alias, luke/sofia from wolflake, kindred the embraced, rory/logan from Gilmore Girls and the ones I listed previously!

Other interests are anything with art-painting(oils,acrylic,watercolor), drawing and crafting. I would like to learn to make and bind my own books. Nature, anything that involves me at the beach or on water(I live in the Great Lakes State), spoiling my adorable pets(Hobie and Dillon), hanging out with friends, taking art classes, learning to design my own website, old movies and going to see new ones!
My favorite tv channel- TCM channel! Love it!
My favorite music-to many to list
My favorite shows-Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Alias, and my new all time favorite Veronica Mars(love,love, love), also catch Desperate Housewives and Lost occasionally.

All I can think of right now. Will update sometime soon when I post a new story.

I also plan to take one of the suggestions in my reviews and alter Winter Wonderland a bit, so it flows more smoothly! Thanks especially to Jennzabell, raven and CPTSkip!!! You guys now have me officially addicted to reviews!
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