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Author JoeHundredaire

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Major comics crossover fan, which includes derivative works like the movies and shows like Smallville. Not a big fan of people who couldn't pass a high school English test writing fics though. Moderator of the Comics, Miscellaneous, and Challenges sections. Official site villain. Cross me, and I shall smite thee like thee've never been smited before.

If you need live mod-type chat support, I'm usually on AOL if nothing else. Just lemme know who you are when you IM me. I tend to get creepy stalkers a lot and I'd hate to block someone who actually needs something...

Coming Soon:
Don't Waste the Pretty: The phrase "Stop poking your breasts" was not something Harry Potter had ever expected to have directed his way…
Everybody Loves Luna - Vi: "She clearly likes me more. We're going to Paris next month." "You mean you're paying to take her to Paris. She's invited me to join her and her father on their trip to Norway to look for snorkacks. We leave a week after you get back." "…grr."
Joined11 Jun 03
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