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Author spaceman

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Newfie? I'm from Newfoundland, Canada
Spaceman? Insult turned Penname. I have a wild imagination.

Favorite BTVS Char: Xander!
Favorite Non-BTVS Series: Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma and Inuyasha. Naruto.
Favorite Type of Crossover: Btvs/Hellsing

NOTICE: HALLOWEEN WORLD series. I love the Idea of people writing in my Halloween World Universe and expanding it. Feel free to ask me about possible ideas and I'll even mention your side stories in the main stories.


(1) Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak.

Summary: A contribution to spaceman's Halloween World series. In a hellish, chaotic Buffyverse several heroes and villains must set out to find a place to call home.

(2) Halloween World: World Wide Weird by Weaver (NEW!)

Summary: My contribution to spaceman's Halloween-verse. Un-beta'ed so if there's any errors let me know.

(3) Halloween World: Strange Bedfellows by Aesop (NEW!)

Summary: Halloween night changed everything. This is my contribution to Spaceman's Halloween World story.

(4) Protector of the Pink Haired by KarlStahl

Summary: Xander is pulled into the world of Elfen Lied. Warnings: nudity, brutality, torture, graphic violence. A Response to Challenge 1216: Project XEL Challenge- Xander Elfen Lied (Elven Song).

(5) Call of the Haunted by Rebelgirl

Summary: In attempting to bring Buffy back from the dead, things go FUBAR, and travel via portal and hellmouth ensues...
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