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Author Mel

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Just started writing after reading for a long time. Fave character is Xander as you will probably be able to tell soon enough, and I love crossovers. My fave is where Xander is adopted and finds his real family somehow, which is exactly what the two stories I have just started are.

Author's Note

I'm so sorry for not updating in over 2 years, unfortunately I had a slight block with First Priority in getting chapters 10, 11 and 12 done to link with chaps 13-18 I already had written. Work probs did not give me enough time to work on it either. With You Have Me I simply was stuck on how to play out the meeting of Xan and Logan, I must have writtrn chap 8 at least 10 times before deleting as complete crap.

Since then I have had some pretty life changing events, I lost my baby sister and have gone from being a single 25 year old to adopted mother to her 2 kids, both under 3. Used to just being the cool aunt to my niece and nephew and being able to hand them back after getting the eldest hyped up.

Life is only just starting to calm down and am getting my head around having being an actual adult having to take care of something more than just me, and not fuck it up!

I will not be leaving my 2 fics as they are as I like them too much to give up on. Am hoping to start back on them soon. I'm due to be moving house in the next month or two and them am hoping to get some time to write as the eldest will be starting playgroup soon after the move.

Thank you all for sticking with me and even though I haven't replied to all your reviews, your comments mean alot and I will try to at least reply to the ones with questions in them soon. Hope you all can stick with me a bit longer, I want to see this completed as much as you do.

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