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Well, I'm new. (you noticed) I have fics, but none of them are up. Do you want to know why? (of course you do) I hate typing. It is a long and ardorous process for me. so.

The fics I was motivated to type at some point in my life? they are up at my author page on allpoetry. (of course, if you want to go straight to them without dealing with my author page you can follow this link )

Anyway, I may have time to type the many fics I have floating around in my room at some point. (although, I'm considering paying someone to type them up for me. If only they could read my writing *sigh* ) so I will at some point have fics up.

~~Upcoming Fics~~ (which all need names)
1) BTVS/HP I've got one where willow is teaching Advanced Magick to the would-be aurors. and yes, it's sposed to be spelled with a K

2) HP A small Katie Bell Ficlet I was consumed to write in tax class. has to do with Draco a bit too.

3)BTVS/Charmed A fic I wrote while driving back from harrison hotsprings. My little brother and I challenged each other with a crossover in half an hour. So this one centers a lil around Pheobe. A lil bit Faith too.

4) HP A Pansy/Draco fic concerning their relationship, inspired by a song. Anyway, I'm off. My page was just looking a lil bare so I wanted to spruce it up.
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