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Author PrinceofTennisFanSDK



I am a depressing writer. most of my fics will end in death or tragidy. I like to write comedies at times, but it all depends on my mood.
Other sites: Profile: Bluemoss Profile:Jack-the-Ripper-1888.

I am obsessed with the Anime series Prince of Tennis, Samurai Deeper Kyo, FAKE, Case Closed and some others. i believe in the rights to gay marraige (even though i'm not one) and my school is insain. I am Canadian.
My fav. quotes are:
"Mada Mada Dane"-PoT
"An eye for an eye makes the world blind."
"A wiseman once said,"I dont now, go ask a woman."
'Im a wimp and damn proude.'
"Jim! You gotta help me! The salades on fire!"(ye gotta love B.E.N)
My fav. conversation witha teach was:
Me:NOOOOO! My Lolypop is missing!
Ms. L:Well, If I find it, I will eat it! Muhahahaha!
Amy: Run!
Well thats about it!
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