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Author Dezi

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I'm a 23 year old full-time college student. Who loves reading and writing fan fiction, mainly crossovers.

There are certain characters in the BTVS universe that bother me more than others. Cordelia, Xander, Willow, Riley, and Kennedy are my most disliked.

However even though I don't like those characters as much as others I try to keep it fairly even with my fics. For example with Xander and Willow, in Runaway Slayer and Her Demon, Waiting in the Wings, and Superpowers United they're not shown in a particularly good light. But in Suddenly So Clear, As You Weren't, and Stuck on You they're shown in a more favorable light.

Another example is with Cordelia in Superpowers United and The Unknown she's not shown in a good light, however in Runaway Slayer and Her Demon, Suddenly So Clear, and Waiting in the Wings she's a friend of Buffy, Angel, or both.

Basically it all depends on what I'm feeling for a character when I start a story. So I try to keep my fics fairly balanced when it comes to the characters I don't like all the much, either being shown in a good light or a bad light.
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