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Author Marilwen

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I've been writing fanfiction for quite awhile, though I'm new to putting it on-line for everyone to see :)

I write Buffy, HP, LOTR, Lost, and love to crossover Buffy with the other three :p
Characters I don't like include: Dawn, Riley, Frodo, Lock, and Ginny.
Characters I do like (A lot) are: Draco, Buffy, Legolas, Jack, Haldir, and so many others.

My Buffy fanfiction does not include Dawn, and Riley sometimes seems to get in tragic accidents... :p

I love reviews, and will try to answer them all, but commenly asked questions will be answered her.
I'm sorry if a story you like isn't getting updated enough, please feel free to remind me (By e-mail, Msn, or whatever), I often need a kick in the rearend to get it restarted.
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