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I've been reading Buffy fan fic for a while. Immortal Slayer and Slayer Walks Into a Bar are my two completed fics. I've been away from writing for awhile. Unfortunately real life and earning a living takes precedence. Not an excuse I know and I do intend to finish my WIP's I'm just not sure when. Please be patient.

I love Buffy Centric fiction. CJSPlace got me hooked on them. I like most crossovers that involve Buffy and really like unusual or unlikely pairings. Obviously since my first fic is a Buffy/Duncan. My other WIPs are BTVS/Stargate crosses with a Buffy/Jack pairing - not an unlikely one but it is my favorite of that particular cross.

Hope everyone enjoys reading my fic. Feel free to drop me an email if you have comments or questions about my stories.

My WIPs here at TtH are:

Not Quite Heaven - Stargate SG-1 Cross, Buffy/Jack

Conception by Conspiracy - SG-1 (pairing TBA)

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same - SG-1 (pairing TBA)

I also have a Spuffy WIP called Losing Heaven that is posted at Bloodshedverse, and Buffy & Spike Central. I use the same penname on all the sites. Thanks so much to my beta for this fic RevDorothyL. She's great.

Happy Reading!
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