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Author ThExMaDxHaTtEr

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Back...once again. Maybe from the dead?

No. Not the dead.

Okay, I'm just back again! I've been doing some watching of old tv shows from the nineties I liked when I was a kid. Which led me to thinking of...hmm, how would so and so of a character act if they were called by Willow's spell, which led to my challenge which led to the fic that I am currently reading. I would absolutely love others to join me, an awesome co-writer, or even just a good beta to berate me into writing more!

At the moment I am junior in high school spending the year abroad in China. It's been a lot of fun and productive for writing fic as memorizing characters is much less interesting then who I could be turning into a Slayer at the moment. Tehe.

That's all for now! Thanks.
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