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Never Sure what to write on these things to be honest. You don't wanna sound boring but then you don't wanna make it seem that it would take Buffy and her rocket to dent your ego. So to play it safe, I'll give the basics.

Hey I'm Shell from Edinburgh. I'm 29 and if you didn't figure already from my stories, I'm a Buffy Summers fan. Yeah, even when she's being hypocritical and campaigning for bitch of the year, she's still my number one girl. I'd like to say I identify with her but I can honestly say that I've never stuck a sword through my honey's heart or blew my school up...well there was that one time but let's not go there.

Also I'm a Spuffy fan. I have been since the long ago times when they were enemies and someone once said there's so much UST between them that they must secretly have a thing for each other. Most of the fans said no, her heart belongs to Angel but we all knew the truth - it was only a matter of time before William and his amazing cheekbones dug his way in.

So if your interested in reading my stuff, remember Buffy will always be the main character and there is a 90% chance it will be a Spuffy story, if that doesn't put you off then I look forward to the reviews.

And while we are on the subject, while the reviews aren't always of the good, I would like to think that I'm at least a fraction better than when I first started on the site so thank you for everyone who has posted, whether good or bad.

Anyways, If that sounded like spraffing, then I apologize but there you go. As someone once said - I am what I am!
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