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Author Damia

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I am 25, fond of reading kayaking and sailing, and have a rather short attention span. That means that when a fic starts to lose my interest, I don't even continue reading out of a misplaced sense of obligation. I speak English, Patois, Norwegian, German, a bit of french, a bit of Spanish, a bit of Italian and am learning Latin. I play the Clarinet, the Stand Up Bass and am a total Audiophile. I make and design clothing, paint, draw and enjoy puddle jumping.

I grew up with parents who believed in discussing everything and anything with their kids. A truly open relationship that we all flourished in. They encouraged Imagination and creativity, urging us to be as crazy or dorky or insane as we felt we wanted to be.

I have a soft spot for Kendra. My favorite characters are Fred, Cordelia, Faith, and Dawn, of course, I also adore Spike.
Joined12 Sep 05
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