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Author JohnnySnowball

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Bored one day, many moons ago, i found and was inspired to write BUFFY meets STAR TREK. It was the first story that I ever wrote and probably the one I am most pleased with. I guess I surprised myself with it.

Reading the Bond novels by Ian Fleming inspired the Secret Agent Slayer Series (S.A.S.) which I am currently working on.

The first story in my S.A.S. series led me on to MARVEL HEROES (which continued Blade's adventure in Japan and crossed over with other Marvel movie characters.)

I have also begun BUFFY meets STAR TREK 2. Unfortunately I can only work on 1 story at a time so I keep shifting between BxST2 and S.A.S.

BUFFY meets STAR TREK 2 is also more like a series, with episodes.

As of now, February 25th 2012, my planned episode list (which I have decided to put up here) for the S.A.S. series are as follows:

1) OTCSS: On The Council's Secret Service [COMPLETE].

2) Slayer In Disguise [COMPLETE].

3) You Only Die Twice [COMPLETE].

4) BUFFY the VAMPIRE SLAYER and the ALIEN TRIPODS from OUTER SPACE [Work In Progress].

5) DeathRaker.

6) Thunderbeast.

7) Slay Another Day.

8) Deadfinger.

9) Dr Maybe.

10) Demons Are Forever.

11) Licence To Slay.

12) From The Hellmouth With Love.

13) The Spy Who Slayed Me.

14) A Fistful of Slayer.

15) For a Few Slayers More.

16) The Good, The Bad & The Scoobies.

I've already started most of these stories but I need to complete them in order which may take some effort.
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